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CPELI Level 4

This guide is in support of CPELI Level 4, taught by Jim Hays, Jonathan Lucero and others, for researching argumentation essay topics.

Article Databases

Use these library databases to find articles in magazines, newspapers and scholarly journals.

1) General purpose, multi-subject databases:

2) Newspapers:

3) Use these databases to find articles that discuss argumentative, pro and con points of view. The articles cover controversial topics in which there is a great deal of disagreement, such as abortion, capital punishment (death penalty), climate change, gun control, same-sex marriage, etc.

  • CQ Researcher Plus Archive. Each comprehensive article is on a single theme, written by a journalist. Included is a chronology on the topic, an assessment of the current situation, and a pro/con debate by representatives of opposing positions.
  • Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Covers current hot topics and controversial issues – gun control, censorship, immigration, and animal rights are but a few examples. Full text content includes topic overviews, pro and con essays and articles, statistics, images, web links, and more.

4) Use this database composed of various online encyclopedias, covering subject areas such as art, business, education, environment, history, law, medicine, nations, religion, science and more.