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Documenting Student Life at Cal Poly Pomona

Reasons to Donate

Top Ten Reasons to Donate Your Student Life Materials to the Special Collections and Archives

  1. Your materials help to build a shared history of your student organization for your active members and organization. 
  2. You can access your materials in the future.  The Special Collections and Archives staff will work to make these well-organized and searchable. 
  3. It is your opportunity to preserve your student organization’s achievements and activities as part of Cal Poly Pomona’s history. 
  4. Your materials will be protected.  The Special Collections and Archives are among the most trusted organizations on campus. 
  5. The Special Collections and Archives staff are friendly and will keep you informed of the progress of your materials. 
  6. Spring cleaning!  There is no need to hold onto old and outdated materials, especially if these are being kept in a closet or garage.  You can make transferring your student organization materials to the Special Collections and Archives a regular occurrence. 
  7. You can donate documents, photographs, and physical artifacts.  These can be accepted in a variety of formats: websites, blogs, social media URLs, digital files (such as images, PDFs, videos, and so on), and physical artifacts. 
  8. The materials from your student organization may be lost otherwise.  Why risk this? 
  9. You will be able to show future students and researchers what life was like for today’s students. 
  10. Your story matters.  Share it today.