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Documenting Student Life at Cal Poly Pomona

Student Life Gallery

Photo of a student group with a lion
Close up of male student eating a hot dog
Student dance performance at Cesar Chavez Center
Tournament of Roses flyer
Students on quad with Use BookNook sign in back

Student Life at Cal Poly Pomona

Be part of Cal Poly Pomona's story by helping to make your student life materials available through Special Collections and Archives! 


          Keeping up with student life at Cal Poly Pomona can be challenging.  The university currently supports over 400 registered student organizations.  These encompass a range of activities and interests, from community service to political activism and advocacy to athletics to fine arts to Greek life to cultural and ethnic affiliations to spirituality.  Additionally, the student organizations can be active in campus facilities, residence halls, apartments, coffee shops, restaurants, galleries, volunteer agencies, and political campaigns. 

          Cal Poly Pomona can boast a rich history of student life, starting with the founding of the “southern campus” in 1938.  Over the years, students have organized groups related to philanthropic, political, academic, athletic, literary, social, cultural, and residential activities and interests.  For instance, the Student Wives Club, or “The Poly-Annas,” was started in 1949 for the benefit of the wives of students.  Later in 1968, this became the support organization for both wives and students at Cal Poly Pomona, before being disbanded in 1975. 

          Student groups at Cal Poly Pomona have published newsletters, magazines, yearbooks, staged theatrical productions and art exhibits, broadcasted radio programs, organized formal dances and other student events, screened documentary and classic films, and raised funds for community causes. 

          Collecting and preserving the diverse and fascinating history of student life at Cal Poly Pomona is part of the mission of the Special Collections and Archives.  The Special Collections and Archives collects, organizes, preserves, and makes available Cal Poly Pomona's rare books and archival collections.  The collections center around themes relevant to the mission of the university and consist of rare and unique books and documents that are available for use by students, faculty, staff, alum, and scholars.  These historic materials support research and teaching at Cal Poly Pomona and promote the institution's heritage. 

          Here, we display some of our collections and holdings related to student life, which includes documents, photographs, and artifacts.  There are still some gaps in Cal Poly’s story, and we would like to be able to fill these gaps.  We welcome donations of student life materials from our current students (both individuals and organizations), our alumni, and our community neighbors.

          You can be part of Cal Poly Pomona's story by helping to make your student life materials available to both students and researchers through the Special Collections and Archives. 

          Interested?  Please contact Katie Richardson, Head of Special Collections and Archives, 909-869-3109 or, or Rob Strauss, Special Collections and Archives Coordinator, 909-869-3695 or  They are happy to discuss student life materials with you. 

Please complete the interest form (tab found at the side menu).