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Computer Information Systems (CIS)

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Fundamentals of Machine Learning

A brief introduction exploring machine learning in a range of disciplines and its broader impact on our society.

Shields Up: Cybersecurity Project Management

Combines global frameworks already followed by cybersecurity professionals leading to successful projects.

Awkward Intelligence

There's a tendency to think that machines can be more "objective" than humans-can make better decisions about job applicants, for example, or risk assessments. Get the inside story of how many levers computer and data scientists must pull for AI's supposedly objective decision making, and learn how inaccurate AI can be, for example, at predicting whether someone with a previous conviction will become a repeat offender. Confront the biggest question concerning AI- where we should use it-and where we should not.

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

Harvard Business School professor emerita Shoshana Zuboff provides startling insights about surveillance capitalism as it advances from Silicon Valley into every economic sector.

10 Machine Learning Blueprints You Should Know for Cybersecurity

Features 10 practical projects, each with a blueprint for a different machine learning technique, and apply them in the real world to fight against cybercrime.

3 Minute Introduction to ACM Digital Library

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Cite Your Sources!

La Geode, by Samyra Serin
Photo by S. Serin (2008)

When creating your project, remember to cite everything you did not write / create / think up on your own, including images / graphs / charts / maps / datasets you borrow from online sources. Below are some tools to help you cite your sources correctly.

To see examples, visit the following websites:

To learn more about the importance of academic integrity, please see