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PHL 4610: Senior Seminar in Philosophy

This guide has links to library resources, Google Scholar, and citation links.


This guide supports Professor Gasdaglis's PHL 4610 course, Senior Seminar in Philosophy.



Philosophy Databases


NEW! Philosoophy Books (Spring 2020)

Book: Mexican Philosophy in the 20th Century

Mexican Philosophy in the 20th Century: Essential Readings (2017)

A collection of influential texts in Mexican philosophy representing a period of Mexican thought and culture beginning with the Mexican Revolution and culminating in la filosofía de lo mexicano. The editors' Introduction highlights the significance of this tradition as one that took seriously the question of Mexican national identity as a philosophical question.

What is scientific knowledge?: an introduction to contemporary epistemology of science (2020)

What is Scientific Knowledge? is a collection of chapters on the epistemology of science. Renowned historians, philosophers, science educators, and cognitive scientists have authored original contributions. The chapters are designed for students in both philosophy and the sciences and provide helpful introductions to the primary debates surrounding scientific knowledge.

Feminist History of Philosophy (2019)

This collection of essays has will introduce you to newly recovered female figures. The collection will also make contributions to the history of the philosophy of gender, and to the history of feminist social and political philosophy.

The Palgrave Handbook of Philosophical Methods (2015)

Topics explored include philosophical disagreement, thought experiments, intuitions, rational reflection, conceptual analysis, explanation, parsimony, and experimental philosophy.