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Teaching with E-resources

This guide is meant to help faculty with using electronic library resources and integrating them into their course shells (in Blackboard). It covers how to find persistent links, proxy links, and copyright information related teaching.

Teaching with E-Resources

Links can be tricky, inconsistent things! When linking to a resource in your Blackboard course or syllabi, it is important that the link works outside of the campus network. This is accomplished by using proxy links. Persistent links, or permalinks, are also helpful in that they connect directly to the item and are meant to be the long-lasting link (as opposed to the long address that appears in the browser address bar).

E-Resources available through library subscriptions can be accessed on campus and off-campus, as long as you can authenticate (sign-in) with you Bronco username and password.

This guide will show you how to piece together a proxy address as well as how to find permalinks in the OneSearch catalog and individual databases.

If you have questions do not hesitate to use one of our help services listed in the left hand "Get Help" box.