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Guide to Agriculture Research in the Cal Poly Library: covers Animal Science, Agribusiness & Food Industry Management, Agricultural Education, Food Science, Human Nutrition and Plant Science.

Help for citing sources

Citing help:

Create one or a few quick citations with these tools.

Gather many references with a citation manager such as Zotero or EndNote.

Why cite your sources?

  • Gives credit to the creators of the information that you used in your papers, presentations, and projects
  • Adds credibility to your argument or assertions
  • Helps you avoid committing plagiarism
  • Shares the sources you found with other researchers

Which citation style should you use?

  • Check with your instructor to be sure. Your professor may have provided guidelines and examples for the class to follow, so be sure to consult those materials.
  • If your professor allows you to choose a standard citation style to follow, aim for consistency when following it.

Citations: Examples and guidance from Purdue OWL...

APA and MLA are two commonly-used standard citation styles, but check with your professor before using either.

For using APA style:

For using MLA style: