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Guide to Agriculture Research in the Cal Poly Library: covers Animal Science, Agribusiness & Food Industry Management, Agricultural Education, Food Science, Human Nutrition and Plant Science.

OneSearch - Find Books, Articles, Journals, and more

OneSearch is the Library's search engine

With a single search you can look for books, articles, and other materials on any research topic. If you have any questions, please ask us!

Helpful links:

OneSearch - Find a Journal, Magazine, or Newspaper

Looking for a particular Journal, Magazine, or Newspaper?

Here are two methods for checking if we have access to certain periodicals.

Method 1:

From your OneSearch results, use the RESOURCE TYPE filter to choose JOURNALS. The filtered results will include journal, magazine, and newspaper titles that contain your search terms:

Journals filter in OneSearch

Method 2:

Try OneSearch's JOURNAL SEARCH button in the green menu bar:

Journal Search button in OneSearch

OneSearch - Find Authoritative Factual Summaries and More for Background Information

Library reference sources include general and subject-specific dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks. These are useful starting points for learning authoritative summary information or brief explanations on a topic. Use reference sources to find concise factual information, look up definitions or timelines, form a mental picture, and develop questions. Be sure to note specific keywords and concepts. Then use those questions and keywords to focus your searches in the Library's OneSearch, databases, and on the open Web.

From your OneSearch results, use the RESOURCE TYPE filter to choose REFERENCE ENTRIES. The filtered results will be entries, articles, and chapters from encyclopedias, handbooks, and other library reference sources that contain your search terms:

Resource Type filter in OneSearch, for Reference Entries