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IBM 4141 International Marketing (formerly IBM 414 International Marketing Management)

Recommended library resources for Professor Di Franco, Professor Roxas, Professor Kim, and Professor Oakley's IBM4141 classes.


Welcome to this research guide! If you are off campus, many of the resources featured here require that you login with your Bronco name and password.

Resources for your assignment

Librarian's Advice: See "About the EU" & click on "The 28 member countries of the EU" for the map of the member countries.

Librarian's Advice: For this question, I would use Europa website and search Gale Virtual Reference Library for articles on NAFTA.

Librarian's Advice:

1. Search for a company of your choice and market entry. Don't forget to quotations to search the phrase.

Example: Amazon AND "market entry"

Librarian's Advice:

1. Remember your professor would like you to research sustainability in terms of eco friendly/environmental programs.

2. You can search ABI/INFORM for articles on sustainability and the industry you are investigating. Remember to make use of the subjects in ABI/INFORM to focus your search.

Example: automotive industry AND recycling

Librarian's Advice: 

1. Remember to find the definitions of tariffs and non-tariffs first: use Gale Virtual Reference Library and/or Investopedia to find keywords to search the ABI/INFORM database.

Example: If you search "non-tariff" in the ABI/INFORM you will get articles with "non-tariff" in them. However, if you search with sanctions or embargoes, keywords that I found from the definition, your search results will be better.

2. Once you have your keywords, search for articles in ABI/INFORM with your company and your keywords.

Example: Amazon AND Sanctions OR Embargoes

Librarian's Advice:

1. Use World FactBook to identify the U.S.'s top trading partners (select United States and click on Economy).

2. Use U.S. Trade in Goods to find volumes and determine whether the U.S. has a surplus or deficit with each country.

Librarian's Advice: Same advice as question #7

1. Find a definition of "gray marketing" using Gale Virtual Reference Library and/or Investopedia. Use keywords from the definition to search ABI/INFORM for articles on "gray marketing" and your company.

Example: Amazon AND electronics or cell phones


Librarian's Advice: Select your country commercial guide and select Business Travel > Business Customs.

Example: Argentina Country Commercial Guide

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Recommended Resources for Company/Industry Research

Recommended Resources for Country Research

Books on countries

Cite Your Sources!

La Geode, by Samyra Serin
Photo by S. Serin (2008)

When creating your project, remember to cite everything you did not write/create/think up on your own, including images/graphs/charts/maps you borrow from online sources.

Below are some useful websites to help you format your sources correctly. For more info, take a look at this video on different types of plagiarism on the Student Conduct and Integrity website.