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EDD 7080 Building School/Community Partnerships for Student Success

Dr. Cheryl Love Summer 2020

Summer 2020 Distinguished Author Series


Book Chapters

Journal Articles

Garcia, G. A., Nunez, A.-M., Sansone, V. A. (2019).  Toward a multidimensional conceptual framework for understanding "servingness" in Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs): A synthesis of the research. Review of Educational Research, 89(5), 745-784.


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Technical Reports

Garcia, G. A., Ramirez, J. J., Patron, O. E., & Medina, O. (2017). Reframing Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs): A Counterstory of a "Latinized" Institution in the Midwest. Philadelphia: Penn Center for Minority Serving Institutions.



Garcia, G. A. & Crandall, J. R. (2016, July). Am I overreacting? Understanding and combatting microaggressions. Higher Education Today: A Blog by the American Council on Education.

Book Chapters

Gooden, M.A., & Spike, D. D. (2016). Who cares?: The ethic of care for Black boys in school. In Lisa Bass, Black Mask-ulinity: A framework for Black masculine caring (45-57)Peter Lang. NOTE: Unavailable at CPP Library - Document Delivery Request May Be Available

Gooden, M.A. (2013). Chapter Six: Exploring the Property Rights and Liberty Interests of African American Males in Public Schools: Confronting the Denial of Education under the Guise of Maintaining Order. In James Earl DavisM. Christopher Brown II (Eds.), Educating African American males: contexts for consideration, possibilities for practice. Peter Lang.


Journal Articles

Davis, B.W., Gooden, M.A., Bowers, A.J. (2017) Pathways to the principalship: An event history analysis of the careers of teachers with administrator certification. American Educational Research Journal, 54(2), 207-240.


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Gooden, M. A., & Green, T. L. (2016). A Sad Journey down History: A Conversation with Judge Nathaniel Jones about Litigating “Milliken v. Bradley I” (1974), 40 Years Later. Teachers College Record118(3). NOTE: Unavailable at CPP Library - Document Delivery Request May Be Available


Green, T. L., & Gooden, M.A. (2016). The shaping of policy: Exploring the contexts, contradictions, and contours of privilege of Milliken v. Bradley I and its progeny 40 years laterTeachers College Record, 118 (3). NOTE: Unavailable at CPP Library - Document Delivery Request May Be Available


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