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EDD 7080 Building School/Community Partnerships for Student Success

Dr. Cheryl Love Summer 2020

Dissertations by Cal Poly Pomona Students

Bronco Scholar

For dissertations produced by the stand alone program for Educational Leadership here at Cal Poly Pomona (2015+) see Bronco Scholar Dissertations

Check out:

Bronco Scholar - Education Leadership Ed.D. Program Dissertations

Theses and Projects by Cal Poly Pomona Students

A thesis, project, or dissertation is a research paper written by students in order to complete their master's or doctoral degrees.  Generally, students completing a master’s degree write theses and projects, and students completing a doctoral degree write dissertations.

If you know the title or the author of a project or thesis, you can search for it as a book in OneSearch. These searches are limited to campus entities that have graduate programs as of 2005-2007.  There are a few available online, but the majority of theses and projects are available as paper copies here in the library, and so you will have to come to the Library to get them. Be sure to write down the call numbers of the theses or projects you want to see before going to the shelves. These documents are organized by year, not subject.

College of Education and Integrative Studies