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Data and Statistics

This is a guide to finding Data and Statistics from a variety of sources. If you need help finding statistics and data for a specific subject, please do not hesitate to contact a subject librarian.


This resource guide supports students, faculty, staff, and the broader Cal Poly Pomona community with their data and statistical needs.

If you are off-campus, many of the resources featured here require that you login with your BroncoID and Password.

Whether you've found this guide while working on an assignment or as you're trying to learn more about a new subject, please reach out to if you have questions or are in need of additional resources!

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Reference Books

Don't understand terminology or basic priniciples of statistics?  These reference works may be of help.

Reference Web Sites

Recommended Resources

Other Sources for Finding Statistics

Almanacs, factbooks, and even general books may be good sources for statistics. You can search the Library catalog by entering statistics in one subject search box and in a separate subject search box enter the topic on which you are trying to find statistics.

You can also find statistics in articles. Enter "statistics" as a subject search term, along with your topic, in a database such as Academic Search Premier.

Organizations and associations may provide statistical information on their Web sites. Asking yourself, "Who is interested in this topic" can suggest valuable resources for finding statistics. For example, the American Bar Association provides statistics on legal education. (Make sure you think critically about the source, considering, for instance, the association's purpose and agenda. Click here to learn more.)
Searching for a research guide on finding statistics in your topic area can be another effective strategy. In your favorite search engine, try entering your subject and statistics and "research guide."