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GBA 6730 Information Systems Seminar

This guide suggests reputable resources for research in Professor Navarrete's GBA6730 class.

Introduction to Recommended Resources

Many of the resources featured here require that you login with your Bronco name and password. If you have any questions, please contact librarian Julie Shen at

E-Book Databases

Recommended Library Databases

Use these databases to search for articles from newspapers, magazines, trade publications, and scholarly peer-reviewed journals.

Need a book or article we don't have?

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Web Research Tips

Many online sources are plagiarized or of questionable quality. When using online sources, ask yourself the following questions: Who is the author? What are his/her credentials? What possible biases exist? When was this source published?

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Cite Your Sources using APA Style

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When creating your project, remember to cite everything you did not write / create / think up on your own, including images / graphs / charts / maps / datasets you borrow from online sources. Below are some tools and websites to help you cite your sources correctly.

To learn more about the importance of academic integrity, please see

APA Style Slides

Citing Sources in APA Style

If you cannot see the image above, please use this link.