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Technology Lending Program

We are proud to present the Cal Poly Pomona Technology Lending Program which has a variety of technology equipment for both students and faculty

MacBook Air Laptops

MacBook Air (Semester Checkout) 

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Semester checkout (hourly overdue fines apply)  - $50 per day

  • MacOS
  • M1 chip
  • 256GB SD

Comes with:

  • MacBook Air 13-inch 
  • USB-C Power Wall Adapter 
  • USB-C Charging Cable 

Eligibility: Students who currently DO NOT have a iPad checked out from the library

Technology Loan Agreement Form 
This form is required to be completed prior to coming to the Circulation Desk.

MacBook Lending

  • Laptops borrowed through Tech Lending require authentication with your Bronco username and password.
    • Tech Lending items will need to be connected and set up on the Eduroam network at time of checkout
    • MacBooks will need to be taken to the Tech Help Desk for additional configuration
  • Printing has been disabled on Tech Lending items due to campus security
  • Do not save data to the hard drive or desktop.
    • Anything saved on the hard drive or desktop will be lost when the device is returned
  • Students are not permitted to install additional software on the lending laptops
    • Access to class required programs are available from an Internet browser by using the Virtual Software Lab
    • Applications are available to download directly from the Software Center located on the desktop.
  • Technology Items are owned and managed by the Cal Poly University, these items do not have the same functionality or accessibility a personally owned device is capable of
  • Any misuse of borrowed Technology items for illegal purposes, unauthorized copying of copyright-protected material in any format, or transmission of threatening, harassing, defamatory or obscene materials is strictly prohibited.

    Tech lending is a privilege that will be revoked if the service is misused