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Population Data by Congressional District

My Congressional District

If you need help finding your Congressional District, enter your zip code on the bottom of the page.

My Congressional District screenshot showing where to enter the zip code on the bottom of the page

United States House of Representatives website showing representative for the zip code 91744

Census Reporter 

Through Census Reporter, enter your Congressional District

Census Reporter search for Congressional district 32

In the results, you will notice information on demographics, economics, families, housing, and social fields. 

results with a map, population, square miles, people per square mile, and demographics

Social Explorer

U.S. Census Data from 1790 - present. Browse data, build and download customized reports, and construct interactive maps on subjects like housing, race, employment, occupation, income level, and more. Maximum 3 simultaneous users. If the maximum number of users has been reached, please wait a few minutes, and then refresh your browser.

Social Explorer website showing demographic profiles option under the resources menu


Select your city/location

Social Explorer search bar with "la puente, ca" in the search bar


Search results with demographics, education, economics, household, and housing facts