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Library Chat

Have a question? Chat with a librarian!

How to chat with patrons

Claiming a new chat

When a patron submits a chat from a widget connected to a department you're monitoring, you'll receive a notification and see the new chat appear under the Chats tab. To reply to the patron, you must first claim the chat. There are a couple of ways you can do this:

Quickly claiming a chat

1. The quickest way to claim a chat is by clicking on its Claim Chat button under the Patron Chats list. This will launch the chat pane where you can start chatting with the patron.

  • A timer displaying how much time has elapsed since the patron submitted the chat displays to the right of the button.

Quick claim a chat when it first appears.


Preview the question before claiming

  1. Under Patron Chats, click on the patron's name to view the chat details. ‚Äč
  2. Click on the Claim this Chat button.
    1. If the chat has already been claimed, this button will not appear.
    2. Instead, you'll see the name of the staff member chatting with that patron.;

Mouse pointer clicking the patron's name and the chat showing to the right



Create your User Profile

To edit/add your nickname or other information about yourself on LibChat do the following:

  1. After you are logged into LibAnswers click on your email address to access the Manage Account.
  2. Enter your nickname
  3. Save. 

To edit your email, name, nickname, password, or email signature, you must go to your LibApps account screen. 

  1. After you are logged into LibAnswers select "Go to LibApps."
  2. You can edit your email, name, password, and signature from My Account.
  3. To customize your profile picture, phone, number, email, etc. click My Profile in the command bar to customize your profile box.