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Library Chat

Have a question? Chat with a librarian!

LibChat Basics


Login link.

Step 1: 

Chat Research Help website with Login to LibApps button highlighted


Step 2:

LibApps Login screen

Step 3: 

LibAnswers dashboard with an arrow pointing to the LibChat sign in button


Step 4:

LibChat dashboard with the online status circled


Step 5: 

Settings tab with department set to Cal Poly, Pomona and the Co-Ops set to Academic Global Cooperative and Cal State U- Academic


Step 6:

You are now ready to chat! See incoming chats and claim chats from the queues

Online Status

Changing Your Status

LibChat status options: Offline, Internal, Online and Set Away from left to right

  • [A] Offline: you appear offline to both internal logged in operators and to outside users. You will receive no chat requests or ticket notifications in the console.
  • [B] Internal: other chat operators can see you as online and can request chats with you, but to outside users you appear offline. This will set your monitoring of public departments and queues to offline; you will still be available for internal department chats.
  • [C] Online: you will receive internal chats, public chats, and ticket notifications from queues you're monitoring.
  • [D] Set Away: you can use this status to indicate that you are online, but temporarily away from your computer. Chat departments you belong to will still show as online. However, if everyone monitoring a department is set as away, patrons will see the widget's "Away" message to let them know you're temporarily away. Other operators will see you as "Away", but it will not affect internal chats. Once you are back in action, uncheck the Set Away option to disable it.

Signing out of LibChat

Sign out of libchat when you are done with a shift.

  • If you want to completely sign out of LibChat and exit the dashboard: Set your Status to Offline. Close the browser tab/window. If you attempt to sign out while your status is set to Online or Internal, you will first be prompted to confirm. This is to help you avoid signing out of LibChat accidentally.