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Introductory Science Resource Guide for Cal Poly Pomona Students and Faculty

Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints Database

The GALE IN CONTEXT: Opposing Viewpoints database has opposing opinion essays, articles, and reference materials on various controversial issues, including some of interest to students in the College of Science:

Broad subject areas (or Issues) include the following topics like:

1. As you explore a particular "Issue" in the database, be sure to scroll beneath your initial page view to see links to more materials. Materials are categorized into different source boxes for Academic Journals, Reference, Statistics, News, Magazines, etc.






2. When you click "Read more" you'll also find a basic overview of the topic (called Main Ideas) and some initial resources to get you started. 


3. You can also search for other, more specific topics related to your research by using the Search Bar in the upper-left corner of each page. If you select Advanced Search, you'll be able to refine your search just as you can in OneSearch!