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FRL 3253, 3263, 3273 and 3283: Contracts Courses

Finding Ambiguity in Federal Court Cases

For Dr. John Wyatt's FRL 3273 class, use the information below for searching federal cases with ambiguity.

For help in understanding the legal definition and aspects of ambiguity, see:

Assignment: "Find one or more federal court cases, no more than about 2 years old, on contracts and ambiguity."

Use the instructions below.

  • Use the Westlaw database.
  • Type this search string into the search box at the top of the screen exactly as it appears here:  contract* AND ambiguity  
  • Use the asterisk/star symbol from the number 8 key on your keyboard and type it after the word "contract." This is the truncation feature that searches for contract, contracts, contracting, etc. Include the word AND in the search string
  • From the results you will see many ways to sort and/or narrow the results.