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FRL 2013 | FRL 3253 | FRL 3263 | FRL 3273 | FRL 3283 | FRL 3293

Recommended resources for Professor John Wyatt's students taking FRL2013, FRL3253, FRL3263, FRL3273, FRL3283, and FRL3293.

Finding Contract Appeals Decisions for FRL courses

This guide is designed for these FRL courses:

  • FRL 2013 The Legal Environment of Business and its Transactions
  • FRL 3253 Contract Administration
  • FRL 3263 Contract Aspects of the Uniform Commercial Code
  • FRL 3273 Contract Case Study/Practical Application
  • FRL 3283 Contract Cost/Price Techniques-Negotiation
  • FRL 3293 Legal and Contract Management Aspects of Federal Government Contract Property 

This guide was created to assist students in finding the full text of contract appeals decisions published by various appeals boards, such as the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (ASBCA), the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals (CBCA), or the U.S. Government Accountability Office Contract Appeals Board (U.S. GAO). 

NOTE: If you are looking for a U.S. Supreme Court case, lower federal or state court case, go directly now to the Westlaw database.

Using the resources on this guide, search for appeals decisions and related class material using keywords or with a named and/or numerical citation assigned by your instructor.

The resources offered in this guide are not necessarily comprehensive, and it's possible that your specific appeals decision  may not be available at all in full text or digest form in our online databases, our limited print resources, or the web. Searching for appeals decisions can sometimes be simple, and other times can be a complex and frustrating affair. If you make reasonable attempts to find your appeals decision and are unsuccessful, please contact Business Librarian Julie Shen at for assistance.

Board of Contract Appeals Decisions on Library Course Reserves

Some, but not all, of your assigned cases may have been placed on Course Reserves, either as a print hard copy or scanned pdf copy available for viewing online. When using Course Reserves, search by course or instructor name.

Board of Contract Appeals Decisions on the 5th Floor of the Library

Depending on the year of the citation, you may or may not find the full text or digest in print of a Board of Contract Appeals decision on the library's 5th Floor in the following four titles. If you have trouble finding these on the 5th Floor or do not understand how to use these books, go to the 2nd floor Circulation Desk for assistance.

Recommended Reading