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Master's Thesis/Project Formatting Library Guidelines

Formatting rules for Thesis/Project Submissions


What does the library reviewer check for?  The library reviewer checks to make sure your thesis or project is following the formatting guidelines.  They make sure your font type, the size of the font, margins, your list of tables and figures, and your preliminary pages are consistent and meeting the guidelines.

Don't know what to expect when you make an appointment with a library reviewer? Follow this libguide on the timeline box just below, it will help Graduate Students who are working on their Thesis or Project with their submissions. Guideline includes:  A Checklist  step by step to complete your submission, formatting rules, and what to do next to submit to graduate studies.

All the information on this libguide is provided by graduate studies office website:


The University Library building and 24 hour computer lab are close until further notice. All Library formatting review appointments are taking place through virtual zoom. Please visit the graduate studies website for any further details.



Thesis/Project Formatting for Graduate Students; Library Guide **NEW updates for Preliminary Review Process**

  1. Make sure you know your deadline (date of submission), is very important that you know this because it will help you keep on track on what steps you have to take next in order to submit.
  2. Read your checklist in order to guide you to the right direction in writing your thesis/project
  3. Once you have chosen your topic, done your research, and wrote the draft, submit the draft to committee for review.
  4. Schedule a Preliminary format review appointment with Marilu Salcedo 909-869-3076 (VM only), Temporary because of COVID please email In addition, before you meet with your preliminary reviewer make sure your paper has the following for preliminary review only: title page, signature page, abstract, acknowledgement, table of content, list of tables, list of figures, reference and at least two chapters done. Please follow the templates online from CPP graduate studies web page to guide you
  5. Before meeting with your Library Reviewer, you will email them your paper a day before your appointment so the reviewer can go over your paper before the meeting.
  6. Preliminary reviews will be done by zoom or telephone depending on your library reviewer and yourself.
  7. Complete final version of your paper:  Once you have defended and completed your paper, you are ready to submit.  Please email your library reviewer to schedule a final review. You will do the same steps as the preliminary review email your final paper to your library reviewer and meet with them through zoom or phone. 
  8. NEW: There are two separate DocuSign's, one for your committee and another one for your library formatting reviewer. Make sure you first submit to DocuSign for your committee then meet with your library reviewer for your final review, once approved then you will also submit to DocuSign for their signature. 
  9. REMEMBER this is your final paper it should be ready to submit on that day, please go over your paper before the appointment.
  10. Once you meet and pass your final library review format (Congrats!!) Please see number 8. 
  11. Complete DocuSign 
  12. NOTE*** please make sure when submitting to Bronco Scholar Works you are using the PDF file that your Library reviewer approved, do not submit the same approved paper from DocuSign please. 
  13. Please make sure that you are following through with Graduate Studies checklist

Congrats you are now finally done.

***Students in MARCH, MIA, and college of Engineering submit your projects directly to your department.***


For further assistance, see the writing center, please call and make an appointment prior.

Writing Center

Writing assistance is available from the LRC University Writing Center

Leonard Vandegrift, Coordinator 
Building 15, Room 2921 
(909) 869-5310

*** For online help please follow the steps below:

For synchronous tutoring, you will need to log into Zoom, using your Cal Poly Pomona username/email and password: You can then follow the prompts to begin your appointment, using your tutor's Zoom ID (available through Connect).

For asynchronous tutoring, go to Blackboard. Select the Organizations tab, and you will find "LRC Online Tutoring." Select "Writing Center" on the navigation bar, and then follow the instructions provided. You can submit your paper for review through this section, and a tutor will get back to you with feedback as soon as possible.

Blackboard tutoring is the only option if your instructor requires that you verify tutoring, which can be done by downloading or taking a screenshot of your tutor's comments and submitting them with your final draft.

How to make an appointment

·         Email us at

·         Use CPP Connect: 


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