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Media Studio

Learn more about this fantastic resource at your University Library. Record professional quality videos & podcasts quickly and easily. Make a reservation today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What format will my video recording save as?

  • Your video will be recorded in m4v format.  The VLC player is available on most campus computers and can convert your video to various other formats if needed.

My video did not save to the USB drive or my files were accidentally deleted.  Can I retrieve them?

  • Videos that were recorded using the Media Studio are not saved to a local computer or hard drive. 
  • If your recording did not save to your USB thumb drive, please record your video again.

Can I edit my video in the media studio?

  • Yes, the Media Studio computer comes with Adobe products. 
  • The Adobe products are also available on most library computers. 
  • Adobe After Effects can help you edit your green screen image. 
  • You can use this computer until your reservation time runs out.

Are my recordings private?

  • Yes, your recordings are saved only to your USB thumb drive and are not saved locally on a computer or other hard drive.

How long can I reserve the Media Studio for?

  • The Media Studio can be reserved for a maximum of 3 hours, once per day.

Can I use the Media Studio without a reservation?

  • No, the Media Studio must be reserved through the library reservation system.
  • You can make a reservation here.

What do I need to bring with me to the Media Studio?

  • You must bring a properly formatted USB thumb drive.
  • Be sure to bring any additional presentation materials needed for your recording.

The lights and camera did not turn on when I inserted the USB thumb drive, what should I do?

  • Remove and reinsert the thumb drive, make sure it is fully inserted.
  • Wait for a click and the lights should turn on and the camera make a tone. 
  • If this still doesn't work, see the Circulation desk for help.

When is the Media Studio open?

Can the Media Studio be used for live broadcasting?

  • No, the Media Studio does not have the capabilities for live broadcasting.

Are there any restrictions? 

  • No food and drink. 

  • Return all items in the condition you received them in.