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MU 1040 - Careers in Music



This guide was created to support the MU 104: Careers in Music course and provides a variety of resources available at Cal Poly Pomona or through LINK+ or Document Delivery and select internet resources on a number of career possibilities in Music. 



(cc) by Larry Ziffle

Library collections can be browsed, it just takes a knowledge of the Library of Congress classification system for the subject area you are interested in. A summary of these classes can be downloaded here, and you can see how each subclass is organized. There's no need to learn every LC number, but it can be helpful to find the classification numbers that apply to the areas in you are researching. 

For Music, the LC Classification is broken down into 3 broad headings:

  • M - Music [Scores]
  • ML - Literature on Music
  • MT - Instruction and Study