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Master's Thesis/Project Formatting Library Guidelines

Formatting rules for Thesis/Project Submissions


Hello, and welcome GRAD STUDENTS!

This guide is designed to help you understand the process of Library formatting review.

A key part of completing your thesis, project, or dissertation focuses on ensuring it is compliant with the standards of your academic department, college, and the University.  

The review team will be certifying that the following steps are completed before signing off on your thesis, project or dissertation, so before coming to your review appointment, make sure that you’ve completed the following:

  • All content is aligned to the correct margins.
  • All content uses the same font style and font-size throughout.
  • All content should be double-spaced throughout.
  • If your document includes images, and you are not the original owner of those images, make sure they are all correctly cited (you may need to ask your advisor on which citation style is preferred in your discipline).
  • Your document includes the following required preliminary pages: title & committee membership page, abstract page, table of contents, list of tables and figures (if you have them), and references.
  • Title and Committee Membership page should be formatted according to the guidelines listed in the sample guide located in the Graduate Studies checklist on step #5.
  • Verify that the table of contents, list of tables, and list of figures are accurate.

It is expected that prior to your meeting with the format review team, you have reviewed the Grad Studies Checklist. A meeting with the format review team will not be scheduled until it is evident that you have done so.

Tips: How to make sure your paper is meeting the requirements? In MS Word Doc. please have your final paper and the sample guide side-by-side and compare them page by page. This will help you on how your paper formatting should look. In addition, take a look at the Sequence of Parts for the order of your preliminary pages.  

Don't know what to expect when you make an appointment with a library reviewer? 

The steps/timeline tab includes a guide that will help Graduate Students who are working on their thesis or project with their submissions. Guideline includes:  A Checklist step by step to complete your submission, formatting rules, and what to do next to submit to graduate studies.

All the information on this guide is provided by graduate studies office website.

NEW Please Read!

Please make sure you follow the sample guide and instructions in this guide. Reminder Library reviewers are only doing Final Reviews. Please take a look at the Steps/Timeline tab for the steps to take to submit your paper. In addition, DocuSign has been replaced with Adobe Sign. Please follow the guides for committee members and Library reviewers on the Graduate checklist step #7 and #8. 

In other new news, there are two new updates on the formatting sample guide. Margins are now 1" inch all around throughout the entire paper. In addition, the signature page has been renamed to committee membership and there are some few changes that has been made please see the sample guide for instructions. 


Appointments are required and should be scheduled with:

Library Format Reviewers
University Library, Building 15


Library Reviewers


Marilu Salcedo  
University Library, Building 15, Room 2334


Gustavo Acevedo (Assisting Spring 2024 for the month of May only)
University Library, Building 15, Room 2810



Electronic Submissions Contact:

University Library, Building 15, Room 2810


Graduate Studies Office submission

For questions on the project/thesis submission process, or to schedule an appointment with Graduate Studies, please contact:

Graduate Studies Office
909-869-3331 or (909) 869-5137
Student Services Bldg., 1st Floor, Orange Counter


GRC - Graduate Resource Center

Academic Support, financial Aid, mentoring and tutoring. Please swing by located in building 15 the University Library 2nd floor, Room 2424. For more information, please check out their website Graduate Resource Center (GRC) (


Need Help in Citation?

The University Library has a Subject Librarian that can help you if you have any questions.