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Medical Experimentation on Black People

At the center of this film is the consumption of black bodies. It's no oversight that the man that wants Chris's body says he's color blind. Below is more literature that further explores the meaning behind the symbolism in the film related to this topic.  


Auctioning scene. In this scene Peele references the auctioning of slaves during the time when Africans were brought to the United states and sold as property. 

Image: CCO Public Domain by Klimkin





Bound to leather chair scene. In this scene,  Chris is bound to a leather chair and begins scratching at it revealing the cotton stuffing inside. This symbolism dates back to slavery when African slaves had to pick cotton and were whipped with leather whips when perceived insubordinate.

Image: CCO Public Domain/ Josch13 




TV commercial. While bound to the chair, Chris is forced to watch TV where a video is on a loop repeating "A mind is a terrible thing to waste." Originally, this is a reference to the slogan for the United Negro College Fund, but is perverted for the beliefs and behavior of the Armitage's.

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