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Get Out Resource Guide

Black Lives Matter Resource Guides

Documenting Ferguson Website screenshot

Documenting Ferguson Washington University St. Louis

University of Arizona Ferguson Resource website screenshot

  Ferguson Resource University of Arizona 

Apps to document Police Violence

Cop Watch App with the guide page and the settings screenshotted

Cop Watch app

This free app has a setting that allows for video to be recorded as soon as the app is opened. Compatible with iOS platforms. Learn more here:

Im Getting Arrested android app screenshots

I’m Getting Arrested free Android app

 The app allows users to send a custom text message to contacts they have pre-programmed into their phones in the event they are arrested. Learn more here.

Stop & Frisk Watch app screenshots

Stop and Frisk Watch app

Created by the free was created New York Civil Liberties Union, this app lets users film interactions with the police. Available on both Android (in English and Spanish) and iOS platforms (in English). Learn more here.

Camera Symbolism

A man holding a phone camera towards the viewerGIF of Logan and Chris getting in a physical altercation with the words GET OUT written on it










The camera is an important symbolism in the film. The scene that this stands out is the when Chris tries to photograph Logan, the only other black person at the party. When the flash goes off in Logan's face his demeanor changes. Physical symptoms manifest which include a nose bleed, fear in his eyes and lunging at Chris saying "Get out".  Initially, this perception of this is interpreted as aggression, but later he learns that Logan was actually warning him.   


Lenika Cruz puts the camera symbolism in context in the article "In Get Out, the Eyes Have It"

"It was hard not to watch that scene without thinking of how important camera phones and video recordings have been for many African Americans experiencing police violence—especially in light of an earlier scene in which Chris is the apparent target of racial profiling by an officer. Cameras, Get Out suggests somewhat plainly, have the power to reveal. It’s no coincidence that photographic evidence later provides Chris with his biggest clues as he tries to uncover the Armitage family’s secrets."

Left: Image PP0 Public Domain. 

Right: Get Out image from Giphy.

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