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Introductory Science Resource Guide for Cal Poly Pomona Students and Faculty

Avoid Plagiarism – Cite Your Sources

Why cite your sources?

  • Give credit to the creators of the information you used in your papers, presentations, and projects
  • Add credibility to your argument or assertions
  • Avoid committing plagiarism
  • Share the sources you found with other researchers

For more information about avoiding plagiarism, visit CPP's Student Conduct and Integrity website.

Which citation style should you use?

  • Check with your instructor to be sure. Your professor may have provided guidelines and examples for the class to follow, so be sure to consult those materials. Citation styles are often determined by your subject field.
  • If your professor allows you to choose a standard citation style to follow, aim for consistency when following it.

How to cite your sources?

Looking for a thorough citation tutorial? Check out the University Library's existing guide on citations!

Are you using APA – the style of documentation from the American Psychological Association? Watch the following videos!

Are you using MLA – the style of documentation from the Modern Language Association? Watch the following videos!

Are you using Chicago? Watch the following videos! Be sure to check out our Author-Date resources, available through our general tutorial, as well.

Citation tools can make life easier!

Gather many references with a reference manager such as Zotero or EndNote. A reference manager can quickly create a bibliography for you, and you can choose from a variety of citation styles. Or create one or a few quick citations with these tools:

Citation tools and reference management tools are a big help. But beware: You should review the citations for accuracy and correct formatting. Ultimately, you are responsible for the citations that you submit for an assignment, not the citation tool.

See examples and guidance from Purdue OWL

APA and MLA are two commonly-used standard citation styles, but check with your professor before using either.

For using APA style:

For using MLA style:

Communicate Your Research – Writing Help

Writing help at CPP and beyond!