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D4D Accessibility Guide


Added HTML tags for non-english language text

By default the HTML language setting for LibGuides is English. Screen readers will read out all the text with English pronunciation. 

  • If you have content that is non-English, adding an HTML tag will tell the screen reader to switch to another language.
  • Use the Rich Text Editor > Source tool to edit the HTML. Details on editing HTML and finding the right language tag are in the resource links below.

Databases (as assets):

Currently, guide authors do not have the ability to change language tags for databases within Springshare.  UX is working with them to troubleshoot.  For now, if you have any non-English language text within a Rich Text box, use the resources on this page.  More information on database accessibility can be found in this guide.


LibGuide Help Center Resources:


Add the following HTML tag to indicate that the website's language is in:

  • Arabic: <span lang="ar">
  • French: <span lang="fr">
  • Italian: <span lang="it">

Please remember to close the tag, too.  An example of what this would like like for text in French in the HTML editor is:

<span lang="fr">Bonjour, ça va bien?</span>

Consult the IANA Language Subtag Registry to locate the tag for the language you need.

Additional Resources