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D4D Accessibility Guide

What You Need to Know About Accessibility Checker Tools

These tools can help you more quickly identify what work you may have to do in a Guide.  Web accessibility evaluation tools are software programs or online services that help you determine if web content meets accessibility guidelines. 

Note on Automated Tools

  • Automated checkers do not pick up all the accessibility issues. Still do your manual checks against the milestones to ensure you get everything.
  • You’ll need to run the tool(s) on each page of your guide.

The Web Accessibility Initiative (W3C) has a comprehensive list of available tools.  They also provide a resource for selecting a web accessibility tool, but some that we suggest are linked below.

General Automated Testing:

Project Management Suggestions

Testing tool skills can be helpful lots of different types of accessibility work, not just LibGuides remediation. If you can offer workshops or trainings on this more broadly at your organization it helps to build a culture of accessibility and skills.

Web Validation Tools & Screenreader Simulators - CARL 2020 Handout

There are many different validators, simulators, accessibility checkers, and other web tools available for you to review and revise your web documents. Here are a few for your reference after this preconference session.

Accessibility & Web Validation Tools

Use these tools to check your code to make sure the elements render correctly:

W3C Markup Validation Service

CSS Validation

Dr. Watson Evaluator

These resources help evaluate the accessibility of materials in your pages.




If users are experiencing difficulty with site elements in a specific browser, you can use this tool to emulate other browser types to check compatibility:
Browser Shots

If you’re concerned about load times for elements on your website, try this service:

Conversion Tools

For text-to-speech conversions.

Natural Reader (free for time limited use, subscription for more features)

Screenreader Simulators

Funkify (Google Chrome Extension) 

WebAIM Screenreader Simulator (older)

VoiceOver for Macs

NVDA for Windows


Other Resources

ASGCLA Assistive Technology Resources

From Graeme Fulton’s Evanto Tutorials, article on designing for visual impairments

Reuse this handout!

This handout was created by Joanna Messer Kimmitt for the CARL 2020 Conference session “Accessibility & the Ethics of Care” and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International License.