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D4D Accessibility Guide

Project Management Suggestions

Reporting Remediation Progress

You can set up a project tracking system that's tailored to your organization. Whatever for tool/process you decide include it in the main resource documentation you provide to authors.

  • Your organization my already have tools you could use for this
    • Google forms or other online form tools
    • Project management tools like or Jira
  • Build something that really works for the people who are going to do the bulk of the project management. I can be a lot of work.
  • Test the system with people with people who have to do the reporting, and people who have to do the project management

Having authors/editors report the status of the milestones as the do the work can help for keeping the project on track. 

  • identify content creators that may need extra encouragement along the way and reach out to them with help
  • celebrate the wins/success folks are making to keep momentum up on a long project
  • Metrics to report back to leadership and other stakeholders and adjust timelines if needed

Reviewing Completed Work

You will likely need to review the self-reported remediation with a combination of manual and automated testing tools.

The depth of these reviews may depend on your team's time resources. Reviewing is a lot of work.

  • Get a team of people who can help review if you can
  • Test out your review protocol with your teammates to get feedback before you launch your review process

Be realistic with stakeholders and with content creators that the review portion of the project make take a while.

Determine if your team or the authors (or a combination) would correct any residual accessibility issues that are discovered post-review. Be clear about those expectations from the start.