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D4D Accessibility Guide

Milestone Overview: Transcripts

Ensure there are transcripts for audio and video content

Transcripts provide an alternative format for users that may not be able to engage with the sound and/or images.

  • Transcripts support users who might want to self-pace how they ingest content or learn best through reading (different modalities of learning)
  • Makes the content searchable to improve discovery of information for all users
  • Allows for more accurate quoting and note taking for all users

Accessibility Best Practices

Ideally select audio and video resources that have transcripts already available

  • If you can’t add the transcript in the media player hosting the audio or video add it as a box in the guide, or as an accessible document link, with appropriate headings
  • Automated transcripts will need checking for accuracy, leave yourself time to do that work
  • If you’re linking to audio or video content that doesn’t have a transcript indicate that in the link

NYU Resources

LibGuides Help Center Resources


Transcripts in YouTube

Information about transcript availability included in the description.

Additional Resources