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D4D Accessibility Guide

Milestone Overview: Descriptions

The guide and each page within the guide has a description.

  • Descriptions give users an idea if the Guide might help them with their research. 
  • Improves search engine optimization (SEO) and discoverability. 
  • Page descriptions show up as tooltip/hint text when a user hovers over a page's tab.

Accessibility Best Practice

Keep descriptions concise, no more than a couple sentences.

Ask yourself these questions when writing descriptions:

  • Are your Guide and page titles and descriptions unique and clear?
  • Do you have accurate and helpful metadata? 

LibGuides Help Center Resources:


Example 1:

This NYU LibGuide Accessibility Remediation Summer, 2020 Guide description is:

"Internal Division of Libraries resource guide to support Summer, 2020 accessibility (a11y) remediation."

Example 2:

The "Describe Your Guide" page description is:

"How to include a Guide description for access and discoverability."

Additional Resources for Metadata

Project Management Suggestion

Include guide and title descriptions as a checklist item in training for new LibGuides users.

The page description feature is pretty buried in the system so authors may not know about it unless prompted or included in your organizations style guide.