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D4D Accessibility Guide

Milestone Overview: Tables

Tables are formatted to include HTML headers

Tables should be properly formatted to include headers so screen readers can identify what they are, and read the data in a way that’s helpful to the users.

Accessibility Best Practices

Use the Rich Text Editor Table Tool to create and format tables properly

  • Designate a table header in the Table Properties
  • Include a Table Caption

Table Tips:

  • Check how your tables look if you make the browser window narrower, not all tables are readable if using a smaller screen.
  • Avoid using images or icons inside tables, words are best.
    • If you have images in a table the images will need to have alt-text

Tables are not used for layout

  • Tables shouldn’t be used for layout, such as creating multiple text columns or image placement.
  • Tables that are used for layout can be difficult for screen reader users and also behave unexpectedly on smaller screens.

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