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D4D Accessibility Guide

A11y Remediation Milestones

Suggested Milestone Schedule

Guide owners/editors should complete a series of milestones to meet digital accessibility compliance. The milestones in the guide are listed simplest first and get more complex as the project goes on.

Author/Editor Directions

You will need to determine which milestones are relevant for each of your Guides based on the content in each Guide. Not all of the milestones will be applicable to every Guide. 

This is a suggested order for accomplishing various accessibility remediation, but you can complete the milestones at your own pace depending on your content.

A11y Remediation Milestone Weekly Calendar

Events, workshops, drop-ins, etc. that can help the authors at your organization complete the project.

Note: You can include links to your organization's calendar tools. Be aware that embedded calendar widgets aren't often accessible, it may be best to link out.

Project Management Suggestions

Milestone Order

Starting with simple milestones and working up to more complex ones helps layer new skills and build author confidence early in the project.

Support & Communication 

  • Each week can have a different milestone accompanied by virtual drop-ins, workshops, and consistent communication regarding progress. 
    • Drop-ins and workshops helped develop a sense of togetherness for authors who might feel they were doing this in a silo
    • Opportunity to get feedback from people doing the work
  • You can include a calendar in the guide with these events pre-populated. 
  • Include all the documentation that authors need within the guide.