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D4D Accessibility Guide

Milestone Overview: Gallery and Tabbed Boxes

Galleries and/or Slides don't auto play (No content autoplays)

LibGuides has a box type called Gallery. Be aware that there are additional settings you’ll need to check to ensure that the gallery is accessible.

Accessibility Best Practices

  • Any original content you add to a gallery should be accessible (slide decks, image, documents, etc.) 
  • In the gallery box settings the “automatically play” option should be set to off
  • Be aware of how embedded content behaves on your page.
    • Make sure you can control all actions of a media player or slide deck using just your keyboard.
    • Nothing should autoplay

NYU Resources​

LibGuides Help Center Resources

Tabbed Boxes

Due to inherent difficulties with making "Tabbed" boxes accessible, it is recommended that any content provided within this kind of box in LibGuides be relocated into a "Standard Box." 

However, if you need to include Tabbed boxes, please follow the directions on the LibGuides Help Center Resources:

Project Management Suggestions

Review your organization's style guides (if available) and content to determine if these features are already commonly used.

  • Reach out to guide authors to understand why they have chosen to use these features.
    • You may be able to find more accessible alternatives. Be open to doing some proof of concepts you can present to authors for feedback.
  • Talk to your system support (admins and developers, if you have them) to identify if there are any improvements that can be made at the system level
  • Press Springshare about the accessibility issues, sometimes only the vendors can make the fixes